George “norg” Nowik is a castaway from the North American module tracker scene of the mid 90s who spent a few very painful years figuring out how to compose music.  Taking a hiatus from original material, he has spent several years practicing new musical instruments and learning more about professional studio mixing by applying freshly learned techniques in DAW-land to remixing and “updating” old video game music (think the Nintendo Entertainment System on crack).

Since beginning this effort, he has gone on to produce and mix live performances, record musical artists, and contribute musical and vocal material to a wide array of projects and clients; his most recent and exciting is that of the male voices in the Nintendo DS release of Contra IV.

Musical instrument repertoire currently consists of greater or lesser degrees of skill with the electric bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, Chapman Stick, accordion, balalaika, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, banjo and an array of VSTi’s.

When not behind on various projects, George can be found hard at work as a reporting and business intelligence analyst at a healthcare company, trying to teach his Saint Bernard “Matilda” to not jump up on people, and find the elusive perfect recipe for old country poppyseed jellyroll.   He is also in the throes of preparation for his wedding to his better 9/10ths fiancee Amy.  They will be getting married on May 31st 2009 and cannot wait.

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