My first remix

A really long time ago (around 10 years now.  holy moly) I was hanging out with a bunch of people in an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel called #sstrax.  It was through this channel that I became associated with people who were to become lifelong friends (virt, rs3, midee, prozax, the wogan, the list goes on).  During what was one of their “regular” contests in which several folks would contribute remixed video game music to be judged by a panel of our contemporaries, I thought it might be fun to give remixing a shot using the only medium I was really familiar with: Impulse Tracker.  The end result of this was a medley of music from The Legend of Zelda, complete with tempo changes and a blatant tribute to Liquid Tension Experiment and, what to me was a really fun surprise, the layering of Ganon’s theme on top of regular dungeon theme.

This song tied for first place with NintendoGuru’s 43 second Bayou Billy arrangement.  No, I’ve never forgotten that. (:

In any event, this was my first remix; one of only two that I created using Impulse Tracker.  If I can convince myself that it’s any good, I’ll upload the second one at a later date.

Zelda’s Reprise


-= george =-

p.s. small note that i didn’t think of until just now.  this file is an impulse tracker module file, not an mp3.  you will want to find something that is more friendly towards tracker module files to listen to this; winamp can play them back but there are inaccuracies.  i highly recommend going hardcore and finding a copy of Schism Tracker to load it up in or barring that modplug might work too.

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