Final Fantasy Adventure: Breath of Dissonance

Continuing with the Dwelling of Duels funtiemz!  This time, it was a collaboration with Ryan8bit, easily one of the most talented arrangers in our scene.  We both had very fond memories of playing Final Fantasy Adventure on our colorless GameBoy units way back when and it seemed only logical that we should combine forces and whip out an arrangement.This time around, I covered the sequencing of the drums as well as laying down Chapman Stick and Electric Rhythm Guitars.  Ryan expertly concocted the acoustic and electric lead guitars for the arrangement.  In most cases, it was a matter of “Ok Ryan, here’s a section without anything that made sense to me.  Make something up” and he totally outperformed anyone’s wildest expectations.  It was so much of a pleasure to work with him on an arrangement that we ended up collaborating again later down the road for the Chrono Trigger month, which will get posted later.

Final Fantasy Adventure: Breath of Dissonance


-= george =-

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