Wizards and Warriors: Fall of Ironspire

Wizards and Warriors: Fall of Ironspire

One of my favorite games of years past was Wizards and Warriors.  It was one of those staple games that was brought out when my friends would come over and we’d try to see who could get through the game in the shortest amount of time.  For some reason, it never got old to replay that same game over and over again.  Part of it was the fun gameplay, and another large part of it had to do with spectacular music.

When the next free month rolled around in DoD, I decided I was going to finally try to take on the soundtrack and give it similar treatment to that of Ultima: Mass Exodus.  I wanted to be able to touch most – if not all – of the original soundtrack and tie it all together.  I had an incredible amount of fun putting this thing together when all was said and done.  It happened to be coming out near Halloween of that year, so it made sense to try and tie in the Halloween theme a bit with the stuff that you’ll hear in the middle of the song.

Critical note: I was still using a DigiTech GNX2 pedal board for all guitar recordings, and my Chapman Stick direct in through my mixer.  My skills at mixing, at the time, were atrocious.  At best.  That is why you will hear a whole bunch of hiss whenever the kick drum is overutilized.  I was breaking all of the rules that I didn’t know existed in order to get a sound that I thought I wanted.  Obviously it didn’t live up to standards of today’s recordings, but I’ve learned a lot since then. (:

Another trivial note: all of the lead guitars were doubled throughout the whole song.  It was a property of lack of mix knowledge at the time and I couldn’t figure out more effective methods of raising volumes of the things I wanted to hear, so I just recorded everything twice when I needed more boost.  In any event, it was fun to try!

Finally, the voice over at the beginning of the song was inspired by the voice style of the narrator in the newest creation of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that had just come out at the time.

I hope you’ll enjoy this bad boy.  It’s 16:46 minutes of pure kwak.

Wizards & Warriors: Fall of Ironspire

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