Mario 64: Sonic Depths

Since my first exposure to DoD was so much fun, I decided that it would be fun to come out swinging and try to do something for that upcoming Mario month.  As it happens, I was on a Skype chat with BornInCrimson and Ashane one evening and it turned out that both Ashane and I were kanoodling with the same theme from Mario 64 in separate applications, and that theme was from Dire Dire Docks.Since we assumed that it was fate or something, we decided to press forward with a collaboration.  I threw together an arrangement and sequenced the drums and recorded with the stick and acoustic guitar.  Ashane absolutely melted my face with rhythm and lead electric guitars.  We had a mix!  It was a blast working with him and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to do it again.

Mario 64: Sonic Depths


-= george =-

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